Friday, November 11, 2011

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Making Money Blogging?

Lots of people blog these days. It is a natural extension of  social networking sites. People even do  "micro blogging" by posting updated information on Twitter. Granted it is not more than a sentence or two but it still keeps people informed. And that is what a blog is for, or rather, what it is intended for. So what do you blog about? Do you blog about your personal life? Do you blog about how work is weighing you down and you want to make a go of it on your own? Or do you use your blogs as ways to  make money. It is very possible if you know some of the basic rules of blogging and get a little help.

The first thing you must accept if you intend to blog for money is that you have to keep to relevant topics. Blogging about the neighbor's dog is not going to garner you a lot of interest or back links to make money. However, if you were blogging about a dog walking service and mention dogs in your neighborhood you may very well be on to something. You could even blog about dog products and services. Put in some relevant ads and use the right blogging service and suddenly you are getting some high ranking pages. That is money in your pocket. So, the lesson number one is to make relevant blogs. Keep your personal life just that personal; unless it is very relevant to your blog.

The next step is writing good blog content. You do not have to make it a lengthy diatribe on the effects of Kangen water systems versus city tap water. You do not have to write an essay. A five hundred word blog is pretty sufficient and you can get a lot of information out in that amount of space. You just have to utilize the space efficiently. Make it informative yet engaging. That is what draws in readers. They like information but presented in a very informal way. A blog accomplishes this quite effectively. You have the opportunity to engage readers, keep them entertained and give them the information that they may be seeking.

If you really want to get great results with your blog -- make good money and get lots of traffic -- but you are not sure how to make it all happen, then you'll want to check this out. You can cut down on your work load significantly by using something like Blog Blueprint. Blog Blueprint will help you boost your blog rankings (and traffic) immensely. Best of all, the entire Blog Blueprint tools and system is heavily based on 'smart' automation. What is 'smart' automation you ask? Get all the details right here:  

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Here's what's happening (correct me if I'm wrong):

1. You either try to design and create sites yourself
2. Or you outsource them to a designer and/or programmer

#1 typically results in poor quality, since you're not a designer or programmer to begin with.
#2 usually costs you quite a bit of money.

Both #1 and #2 takes quite some time to finish. You might say that #2 is fast since you outsource the work to professionals who know what they're doing. Problem is – you are not their only customer; they have a dozen other customers to serve, plus the back and forth communication between you and them means it's going to take some time for your site to be completed to your liking.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011



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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Facebook Update

On March 11th, Facebook will severely deprecate FBML (Facebook Markup Language)
and that means you can no longer build Facebook fan pages or apps using FBML!

FBML will be replaced by the NEW Facebook iFrame Pages. The question is, are you ready?
You need to understand about the iFrames and get some ready-made templates to prepare
for this change so your productions don’t go into a complete halt, while you take time to
learn up the more challenging iFrames!

On March 10th, you will be able to get FBMaxed, which includes a lot of goodies for you
to prepare yourself for the Facebook change!

Monday, March 07, 2011

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Monday, February 07, 2011

Profitable Autoblogging (free report)

Unless you've been on living as a hermit for the last 10
months (with no Internet), you already know how HOT
autoblogging is.

It's the ultimate lifestyle business -- free traffic, 100%
automated, no cranky customers to worry about.

Sure. It sounds great and all.

But sadly, there's a lot of stale, outdated, misleading
information out there today.

When it comes to autoblogging, some people still think
it's 2010.

In Internet time, 2010 was 7 years ago.

Things change fast.

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